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The connected Bluetooth VEA BUDDY is the latest device of our collection.

” We wanted that our smartwatch BUDDY VEA, is universal : it works with all smartphones whatever brands or OS VEA BUDDY tells you all notifications by a discreet vibration. VEA BUDDY displays and stores SMS, emails, tweets, information etc. GPS navigation . It is able to manage incoming calls ( accept or reject ) or outgoing ( initiate ) and control music playback in progress , or display photos from your smartphone and thanks to its internal memory of 8 GB . Your smartphone in your pocket and the main interactions are displayes via the VEA BUDDY through its connection Bluetooth4.0 or LE . All this information is displayed on your wrist, you’ll never miss an important and urgent notification and keeping your hands free and your eyes can admire the scenery as it is discreet vibration of the watch will alert you of a new notification . In addition, if you away a little too much of your smartphone ( 10 m) watch VEA BUDDY , will vibrate to notify you and so you can not get away from your smartphone without knowing it. Your smartphone will come in handy later if you want to respond to these notifications. The vea buddy uses large icons and simple colorful that provide high visibility and therefore a comfortable reading . Vea is the buddy the best companion for your smartphone and yourself . It allows you to stay connected without constantly staring at your smartphone. This is a new release and comfort that you get to enjoy every day. We worked on the design for the watch is thin and light and it also has a screen large enough 2 ” to be readable and comfortable for all . “ VEA DIGITAL is a French company which designs and produces watches or bracelets connected : RF , GSM , Bluetooth, NFC , Wifi etc. “ For many years , she creates smartwatches under its brand VEA . Known for its expertise in miniaturization , it also works for major brands .

The design of the Vea Buddy was given to the agency CAYMAN DESIGN which is our partner for many years.


111, rue du Commandant Rolland – 13008 Marseille FRANCE

Tel: +33 (0) 4 91 71 58 20

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